After being abandoned for 12 years, a senior dog returned to a shelter is now living her best life after being adopted by a veterinarian.

.A request to put down a 15-year-old mixed-breed pit bull Netty was made. It was made when she was returned to the Philadelphia shelter from which her family had adopted her in 2010.

Although the veterinarians at the shelter who evaluated her thought she still had a good quality of life, her owners refused to pay for any medicine or medical care.
Netty’s story was shared on social media by the Pennsylvania SPCA, who enquired as to whether anyone would be interested in adopting her. Happily, a lot of people replied.

Netty was the ideal match for Amy Kidd, a veterinarian at Pocopson Veterinary Station. Moreover, he is ideal for her family, and their other six elderly dogs when she spotted the advertisement.

When the time arrived for Netty to meet her new owners, she eagerly trotted up and began to wag her tail. They all knew it was a done deal once they all saw it.

The best version of Netty’s life is now. Amy hopes that by sharing her experience, more people would consider adopting senior citizens, who are just as deserving of love and care.

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