Dog Saved Life of This Boy

The parents of this youngster have frequently posted updates to his Facebook page. When he was just a little over two years old, he received his initial cancer diagnosis. He nevertheless managed to live. David’s family asserted that their dog “knew when he relapsed” following his second episode.

The boy’s mother remarked, “Our dog, Chai, started acting weird; he was watching David’s door! He growled at me each time I went by. Chai was always by his side.

David eventually overcame his cancer. But this family had no idea the kind of journey they would take. According to David’s mother, “Chai had started behaving out again. I reassured myself that it was all in my brain. It wasn’t, though. It was cancer once more. “Chai knew,”

After a long trip, a new treatment was developed in which the T-Cells were taken from his body, enabling them to combat the cancer cells. It succeeded!

David, the child had a seizure when his sister and father were out. He was taken urgently to a hospital. He had a brain tumor that had caused him to lose all speech and motor function in his right side. Against all odds, he managed to regain his ability to walk and speak.

He had once more triumphed!

But David’s family realized that he had relapsed when Chai started acting out once more. They discovered that he required a bone marrow transplant, so they transported him to Seattle, Washington.

Although they had intended to stay for one to five months, the family ended up remaining for an entire eight months. He overcame cancer and was always grateful to the woman whose bone marrow was donated. Although he still does not know who it was, he anticipates learning shortly.

Although it was a protracted journey, David is now at home with his family and his pets, including Chai.

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