The Instagram famous person weighed 700 pounds. American Amber Rusty a few years ago, and now.

The former Amber Rusty is hardly recognizable.

The girl can be seen in these photos as she appeared a few years ago. Amber was so obese that her feet couldn’t even be seen because of the cellulite and fat folds enveloping them.

Even walking by herself was impossible for the girl. Throughout the entire process, a young man named Rudy helped her. He was the only person around Amber who genuinely understood who she was.

Amber was never reprimanded by Rudy for being overweight since he always supported her.

But as soon as the girl made any real progress, Rudy abandoned her. Amber Rusty now has this appearance.

She now maintains a healthy weight, adheres to a diet, and has a very attractive appearance. She also no longer weighs 700 lbs.

After proudly surviving the divorce, Amber realized she did not at all need such a person next to her.

The girl was outraged by Rudy’s wish for a totally dependent and helpless “overweight ruin” to stay by his side for the duration of their friendship rather than true love.

Attending the expo enabled all of these modifications. I am 700 pounds. Amber’s stomach was reduced with their assistance, and they also helped her create a nutrition plan.

Amber is incredibly happy with who she is. To become the person she is today, she persisted through some of her most trying circumstances.

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