A meowing kitten gets adopted by a shelter worker.

One of the cubs needed particular care when a litter of kittens came to the shelter in July due to a respiratory problem. The extra cubs require care and a welcoming place to reside. While he was getting better, the young man was particularly kind to the locals, especially one who kept meowing at him. The cat, who they named Lexi, made the volunteers and staff of the shelter happy.

It particularly astonished Tony because they had enjoyed spending time together so much. For thirty years, Tony volunteered there. He initially came across as kind and outgoing. The kitten was begging Tony to come close and pet it as he approached Lexi.

Over his volunteer years, Tony developed strong emotional relationships with several cats, but he was always able to find new homes for them. Although Tony had no intention of getting a cat, the idea started to cross his mind when he observed the kitten seemed to be content only when he was present.

Tony felt affection for the tiny cat. Tony was being yelled at by Lexi to stop what he was doing and focus on him.

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