The small white and gray mouse utilizes the dog of his closest friend’s as a play gym and a place to rest because of its thick, fluffy coat.

Nikki lives with his devoted owner, who also shares their home with a variety of other little and large creatures. To all of his animal friends, he exhibits his boundless love and compassion. Nikki is so unassuming, at ease, and collected.

Nicole was the first to discover the need for foster homes for animals from a nearby pet store. Nicole jumped at the chance to assist them in adopting one of the tiny creatures.

As a result, their large, happy family grew by one lovely Molly, a white and gray rat.

Everyone met Molly and showed her the utmost respect. They fell in love at first sight. Soon, a sincere and long-lasting bond between Nikki and Molly began to form. Molly was constantly near to his new friend, frequently crawling onto his back and cuddling in the plush fur of his fluffy companion.

Nikki didn’t even move when he saw his small companion contentedly dozing on his fur. He never stopped trying to make Molly happy, comforting him, showing him his love, and being kind to him.

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