The dog and duck have such a strong bond that it is impossible to tell them apart.

Dogs usually exhibit the traits of being “everyone’s closest companion” in addition to being “man’s closest mate.” Numerous tales also exist involving pups and other animals. To be fair, though, just as we started to think that we had heard it all when it comes to unusual kinships, another story emerges and grabs everyone’s attention. Once again, Billy and Diamond’s exceptional friendship demonstrated that people can get along wonderfully well and that love and camaraderie know no bounds.

Billy and Diamond, who both reside with their owner, have reconciled their past animosity into a warm relationship.

When he tried to eat some of the duck’s dinner, the Golden Retriever accidentally started the whole thing. Diamond, however, started after the dog since he couldn’t help but disapprove of what the dog was doing.

Billy loves to eat. Since there is always food in the coop, he sneaks in there whenever he gets the chance. He eats the ducks’ food. Despite their fair share of disagreements, Billy and Diamond now prefer to cuddle and play together.

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