Victoria Ruffo, a stunning woman, is 56 years.

“Just Maria” was well-liked by both adults and children in our nation. Everyone was affected by the tale of a common woman who beat all odds to become renowned. The lovely actress is still well-remembered by viewers, who are curious about how her life turned out.
The stunning girl immediately gained notoriety. She made her movie debut when she was 18 years old. She rose to fame far beyond the confines of her own country due to her intelligence and beauty. especially in light of the television program “Just Maria.”

Along with receiving considerable praise, Victoria met her spouse while working on the project. Eugenio Derbez was the name of the individual. They had a fight when they first met, and they broke up. A year later, there was another gathering. Ruffo realized she was in love as soon as she realized she would soon become a mother. They approved.

Eugenio underwent a significant transformation when he married the actress. The husband believed that his wife should stay at home, therefore he urged that she do so. If Victoria stayed on the set, Victoria’s husband would have insane jealous outbursts. After several years, the actress came to the conclusion that her spouse was merely envious of her fame. He didn’t have Victoria’s level of success.

Ruffo fought as hard as she could before choosing to start the divorce process. The divorce process was drawn out. Derbez refused to pay child support for his kid.

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