A young tiger meets a dog that becomes his best friend while he is feeling lonely.

Despite their clear differences, this tiger pup and its offspring were the closest of friends. Only three weeks separate the little puppy from the tiger, both of which are being considered for adoption at the shelter. It was necessary to remove the baby tiger because his mother had abandoned him just a few days after birth. Due to Alia, the shelter director, these two tiny gentlemen are currently impossible to tell apart.

When I take the puppy outside in the morning, she allegedly runs to his enclosure to greet him. The dog stops him, and after great effort, he manages to clamber up onto her.

Having a dog friend is incredibly beneficial to him since they can play much like a litter of puppies. Because he was the only child in his litter, he needed a playmate. If the puppy is left alone all day, it will become depressed since they need company.

While the caregiver keeps an eye on them, this unusual couple spends a lot of time playing together. So far, the puppy and the tiger seem to get along well.

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