The driver unlocked the minibus and showed the passengers what was inside: You’ll be astonished.

The driver of a conventional-looking minibus unlocked the door to the inside, where the crowd was instructed to grab their cameras.

Instead of the usual decor, there was an actual house with a bed and a fireplace. Without a video recording, eyewitness accounts would not have been taken seriously. The unusual car’s owner later released the movie, which featured a minibus tour of the house. The owner and operator of a van-to-motorhome conversion company are Wayne Young. His most recent work is a true gem.

Just outside the sliding door, a chic living area with parquet flooring awaits the visitor. A separate kitchen, a small breakfast bar, a real fireplace, and a bar with drinks are all included. Although it cannot be lit while moving, the owner warms himself by the fire in the parking lots as he guides the pipe through the roof.

The back of the car houses a bedroom with a double bed. There are hammocks outside the large back doors as well. Explore this amazing RV on foot.

The system took up 12 square meters in total. A typical minibus was transformed into a real home on wheels.

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