16 ladies who look different and are challenging to identify after applying makeup.

Preening is a favorite pastime for women, who do it for themselves, their soul partners, and to appear polished at work. All women apply makeup in their own distinctive way. Some are more adept than others. If you find that you can’t do it on your own, wizards with brushes and palettes are always happy to help. One such beauty business magician is Pavel Kondrashin, a makeup artist who uses cosmetics to transform regular ladies into goddesses. Pavel is aware that a woman’s attractiveness has the ability to increase considerably.

According to the makeup artist, the model enjoyed this look, which is to be anticipated.

Galina is 71 years old; her name will not be used for privacy reasons.

By subtly highlighting the model’s eyes, the blue color breathed life into the composition.

Cosmetics on a well-groomed woman.

Despite the fact that makeup seems quite simple, what a difference it can make!

This woman may not have been aware of the existence of such a thing.

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