After a year of internet searches, the owner finally found his dog on New Year’s Eve.

Alisa, John’s dog, left. A full year of looking turned up nothing. The family was told to concur and go on. John also considered buying a new pet. Before the New Year, the man was exploring shelter websites when he suddenly recognized a face.
There was no question that the dog missing a leg in the other picture was his Alisa. While John was an hour away from his house, he immediately got in touch with the shelter and left a message.

They could immediately tell Alisa apart from other dogs.

John’s conversation helped put the pieces of the puzzle together. And they set up a meeting between the man and the stray animal right away. Alisa was reunited with her owner on New Year’s Eve.

The dog was relieved to return home where, after all the challenges, plenty of treats and warm embraces awaited her. The dog didn’t forget about John.

In John’s opinion, he is still unable to fathom what took transpired, and he views Alisa’s sudden return as a genuine New Year’s miracle. Fortunately, the dog was able to find her owner, and they are now satisfied.

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