Everyone’s ideal friend is still the popular movie’s 13-year-old canine.

I Am Legend may have been one of several movies that helped Will Smith establish himself as a major actor in the mid-to-late 2000s, along with The Pursuit of Happiness and Seven Pounds, but we all know who the real star of the end-of-the-world superhero movie was.

The most heartwarming scenes in the movie were when Robert Nevile, played by Will, interacted with the puppy that his daughter gave him. But it’s important to remember that Sam’s real-life narrative is much happier, so remember that before you go to bed at night.

Abby, the dog who plays Sam, is still alive and well today even though the movie released more than ten years ago. The best aspect is that she continues to reside with her trainer’s family.

The 13-year-old dog is currently enjoying retirement with his daughter and kids, according to Steve Berens, who talked with LAbible. He explained that she is older now and doesn’t hear much. But she still enjoys playing with the ball.



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