The entire school laughed at the nine-year-old girl for being overweight.

Breanna Bond has firsthand knowledge of the bullying that occurs among peers.

The girl was labeled as overweight even in elementary school. Although she had always been a little overweight, she weighed 45 kg when she started first grade. Each year, she gained more weight. She weighed 84 kg and was eight years old. The young woman had trouble walking. She had to stop often to rest. Bond, of course, was frequently the target of criticism at school. Whenever she returned home from school, she sobbed.

She put on weight because her folks spoiled her. Breanna’s diet consisted primarily of sweets and fast food. They went to fast food establishments more than once a week with the whole family. Furthermore, eating foods high in calories solely affected the daughter.

Eventually understanding the child was in danger, her parents took her to the doctor. There were no health issues discovered, despite her mother and father’s suspicions. After that, there were no more desserts or fast food in the Bond family’s home. The parents and toddlers gathered themselves and set off on a long-distance walk. The girl started jogging and playing basketball after being put in the swimming division.  The obese girl was losing weight rapidly. A little at first, then more and more.

The girl states that while they were both in the pool, an old friend who she hadn’t seen in a very long time seemed to oddly ignore her. Breanna has changed significantly. In one year, the young woman lost 35 kg.

When Bond was thirteen years old, he participated in the Olympic Games for teenagers. She currently cheers for the school as a member of the squad. Breanna overcame her problems with weight. She now freely shares her success strategies with those who struggle with weight issues.

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