Meet Zika, the incredible cat dad and father of the twin kittens Bika and Zika.

Zika is the endearing youngster named after the mysterious man with the mask. His newborn child is essentially a clone of him. Numerous cats are living with this woman.

But the most remarkable is the cat that has won his heart. Despite the comics’ assertion that it can be challenging to identify someone who is hiding behind a mask, it is easy to identify this cat. Zika is the name of this cat. But for obvious reasons, he goes by the name Zika on social media.

He had a lot of kittens as his offspring.

But one of his sons stood out from the others because he inherited his father’s peculiar and alluring traits. The kitten, given the name Bika, wears the same mask and headgear as his father. The kitten was given this name as a result. Without a doubt, a kitten with this appearance has gained a lot of popularity on the network.

Videos of a parent and child quickly receive millions of views on TikTok. Millions of people watch and follow this amazing pair of a father and child in disguise.

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