She chooses to purchase the entire facility because she can’t chose which dog to save from the worst shelter she has ever seen.

Daniela Hopper has always had a soft spot in her heart for stray animals. Daniela has made numerous trips to shelters like this one throughout the world. She was used to seeing creatures in need of rescue.

However, she was unaware of how startled she would be when she got to one of the nearby shelters. She was at the time in Israel. Every dog in this shelter required assistance and rescue.

Hopper couldn’t say anything after witnessing all of this. All of these canines required assistance, therefore she was unable to pick just one to save from this situation.

At that point, Hopper decided to purchase all 250 canines from the shelter. Since then, more animals have been moved to shelters in Ontario, and she has been successful in helping them find homes in Israel. Interestingly enough, half of the initial 25 dogs—who were housed in various shelters—have been adopted by a new family and moved.

Now that they receive more than simply food and drink, these animals have rediscovered their ability to trust people.

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