The cat mustered up his last bit of vigor and went to a good person when he realized he wouldn’t have another chance.

Although this cat had gorgeous green eyes, its future owners did not care for it, so they were forced to abandon it on the street. The feline entered an old basement.

But since it was winter, Kitty couldn’t stay there. One day, he eventually gathered all his remaining power and came out of the cellar. He was fortunate to find a woman who fed the stray animals; when she saw him, she understood that she had to act right away.
She took him to the doctor right away, who thankfully gave him the care he required.

He has a good, easygoing disposition and was adopted by a family. The cat is highly intelligent and also has a lovely gray coat and a pale tummy. We sincerely hope that this magnificent cat will be adopted by caring parents who will provide him with a happy home. People like them are highly needed since they help care for animals.

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