According to social distance norms, we came upon these stray kittens.

Concerns about how quickly Covid can spread have been raised by experts. As a result, many countries have put social isolation rules into place.

The authorities continue to pay numerous visits to various residences to halt the meetings and gatherings. Those which contain numerous people who disregard the seclusion. We are fortunate that the kittens will always be around to guide us in the right direction.

When a woman was visiting the Philippines, she made a startling discovery. The sidewalk rings were full of adorable kittens. They all kept a safe distance from one another.

One commenter laughed at the statement. “Those kittens are wiser than many humans.” This tactic is employed by numerous other stores and markets. This is to encourage customers to form separate lines to lower the possibility of choking. If you ever had any doubts about how to behave in the modern world, just take a look at these kittens.

The image gained instant notoriety after she posted it online. People from all around the world made a lot of remarks and jokes about them.

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