Some uncommon partnerships proving that love knows no boundaries.

Love is both evil and illogical. Such a joyful feeling is not constrained by laws or customs. We covertly observe unions where the partners have a sizable age difference. However, if one of the spouses has a distinctive appearance, the couple is immediately the subject of conversation. Here are a few bizarre occurrences that will astound you greatly.

Kyle Jones, 31, and Marjorie McCool, 91
Frequently, people mistake them for a grandmother and her granddaughter. They started dating in 2009. Kyle admits that he has always found attractive older women.

Verne Troyer and Genevieve Gallen

In 2004, actor Verne Troyer wed Genevieve Gallen, a Playboy model. The actor is 82 cm tall, compared to the model’s 188 cm. The day after they made the choice to leave, Troyer realized that the model had married him for money.

Indian national Mangli Munda married a stray dog.

The village council came to the conclusion that by doing this, they might be able to escape the curse that hangs over the whole town. A few months later, she was married to a man.

28-year-old Chinese man marries a doll

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