A dog adopted from a shelter falls in love with his new owners immediately upon meeting them.

Up until the day she met her family, Milla’s life had been challenging. She is currently unable to quit cuddling her owners. Until they met Milla, Marine and her husband Mark weren’t sure they wanted to replace their aged canine. The marine said, “She won my heart.

It was only a mental encounter because we had lost our previous dog a few months before to meeting Milla. I didn’t think I was ready for a new puppy at the moment. The two were so in love with Milla that they couldn’t refuse a meeting with the rescue team.

Within seconds, Mark remarked, she was sitting on my lap and entering my life.
To avoid startling her, I leaned forward. I immediately felt a connection with her and fell in love with her. In our minds, she seemed to want to be with us. Before this joyous day, Milla had never been given any love and had only ever been utilized by her prior owners.

After being saved, Milla was able to regain her strength when she was reunited with her devoted foster family. It took her a while to get ready for adoption.

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