The amazing maternal qualities of a rescue dog who raises six puppies.

18 cubs are currently being cared for by the mother dog. The rescued dog, Killua, merely desired to feed her cubs. She volunteered when given the chance to look after six puppies in foster care. Despite having 12 puppies, the dog took in six new puppies that were found inside a house. Volunteers were compelled to contact animal rights advocates after the mother of the puppies failed to show up with the puppies. When the puppies were brought to Killua’s house, their owners weren’t sure what she would think of them.

The dog quickly began to treat them, nevertheless, as if they were its children.

Before being welcomed into a married couple’s home, Killua traveled the countryside and depended on the kindness of others.

Killua has proven to be a dedicated, responsible, and loving mother, even though her owners had their doubts at first that she would choose them as her family. Killua is deserving of the title of “true hero” in this situation. She is self-sufficient and all of her puppies are healthy and happy.

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