She was just 29 kg and had suffered with anorexia two years earlier, but a straightforward chocolate bar helped her get better.

Anna Windley, a 21-year-old British citizen, ate just one sandwich every five days. She weighed 29 kg at her age, looked like a skeleton wrapped in skin, and was afraid to eat. Regular chocolate once saved the girl’s life, without which she most likely would not have survived.

Anna has always had a lot going on. She was a role model student while she was in school, participating in a variety of extracurricular activities and sporting events. Even though she had been overweight since infancy, she constantly overheard her peers belittling her size. Anna decided to lose weight because she was tired of being made fun of.

She began drastically limiting her diet, taking in only one sandwich every several days and hardly ever any meat, dairy, sweets, or pastries. Anna was diagnosed with “anorexia” since she repeatedly required hospitalization due to her “diet.” Doctors began to warn the girl that if things continued as they were, she might have a heart attack. Even though she was aware of everything, she was unable to object.
I simply wanted to be slimmer, she says.

Anna had become so weak that she could not even look at food and was terrified of its aroma. On a particular holiday, they attempted to give the child a pie, but she exited the room.

The girl currently weighs 45 kg and leads a healthy lifestyle. She remembers that period of her life with horror.

It took two years to return to a healthy weight. Anna has grown into a beautiful young woman with a beautiful body.

She studies, works a job, participates in running competitions, and has a boyfriend. Anna no longer wants to consider herself at that weight.

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