What a remarkable improvement! The girl lost 80 kg so she would look like her role model.

Kayla Lavender has battled weight issues for seven years. Every time the scale gave her a bad result, her parents would also buy her a Barbie doll as a motivator.

Kayla thought of herself as “Barbie XXL,” even though she adored these delicate, tiny dolls.

But the girl had a serious problem. After all, in addition to harming the girl’s beauty and health, her 154 kg began to impair her movement.


Then Kayla made a choice. She first underwent surgery to reduce the size of her stomach, after which she began to manage her diet and subsequently took up athletics.

And now it’s obvious that modifications have taken place! Thanks to a change in nutrition, Kayla now has a beautiful appearance. She dropped 80 kg. The girl can finally afford to show off her bright Barbie clothes without coming across as silly.

Her priorities in life are now a healthy diet and exercise, which help her achieve her goal!

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