What does the boy from the film “Wonder” look like without makeup, who is he, and what does he do?

This actor gained not only success in the blockbuster “Wonder,” but also in several other well-known films, at such a young age. Even though his makeup makes it impossible to fathom and imagine how he appears in real life, he has gathered over 800 thousand followers on the social media site Instagram, where he continues to gain renown and popularity.

Jacob Tremblay is the name of the person who will serve as our hero. He was born on October 5, 2006, in Canada. His father is a police officer, while his mother works as a housewife. Additionally, Jacob has two sisters, both of whom have appeared in movies. While the older one, Emma, appeared in the action film Elysium: Paradise is Not on Earth, the younger one, Erica, may be seen on the television series Supernatural.

Jacob made his television debut in the family comedy “Smurfs 2” at the age of 7. The success of the movie “Room,” in which he and Brie Larson shared the lead part, is what made his admirers adore him the most. By the way, “Room” has been nominated for multiple Oscars.

Later, they appeared in the movies Somnia and The Last Man on Earth on television.

In preparation for his role as Auggie in the 2017 film “Wonder,” the young actor visited a children’s craniofacial center.  He interacted with children who had the same condition as his character.

Jacob has already appeared in more than 20 movies and television shows at the age of 13. However, his career is only going up. Therefore, we do not doubt that we will continue to see new films with his faultless participation.

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