To help animals find new homes, elementary school students paint them in shelters.

The young woman volunteers her time at the school. She sits down and thinks about how some rescued animals might help them find their ideal homes.  Read an article about a program where youngsters quickly adopted rescue animals. She felt inspired.

Would a student in the second grade be enthusiastic about writing a biography of a rescued dog to promote adoption? When the kids found out about the project they were overjoyed. Despite their flaws, they wanted to show the world how amazing they were.

The kids gave each biography so much thought that the dogs could identify which personality belonged to which individual. A synopsis is included with each biography. The bios were all charming and amusing. They all offered receptivity to the dogs intended for individual adoption.

It didn’t matter to them how it turned out when he originally proposed this notion. Since it made everyone in the class happy and allowed them to adopt a puppy, it turned out to be a huge success.

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