The dog won’t allow the little foal be left alone even after his mother abandoned him.

A comforting dog offers solace to a foal. Just a few days after his birth, his mother passed suddenly.

Everyone on the farm was amazed by this amazing attachment between the dog and the foal because a dog had never before exhibited such concern for another animal. Zizzy was saved as a puppy and has remained on the family farm his entire life. The dog has never been the friendliest animal when it comes to animal interactions.

Zizzy, it turns out, is the friendliest dog you’ll ever meet, as he shockingly proved a few months ago. The foal was nearby and laying in the lane that evening. But he stayed the whole time in the barn with me.

That evening, there was a problem, and Zizzy knew it. When they learned that Zizzy and his partner shared a bed every night, they were horrified by what they had seen.

The foal grew older and became an adult. Their bond grew weaker, but the dog was the one who kept the horse going.

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