What does Veronica Castro look like at 69 years old and what is the present situation with “Wild Rose”?

She was well-known because of programs like “Wild Rose” and “The Rich Cry Too.” At the time, she was a fairly new actor; today, she is 69 years old. We’ll describe her appearance and career following the series today. On October 19, 1952, Veronica was born in Mexico City.

After her father left, her family—which also consisted of two brothers and a sister—lived in squalor and through financial hardship. My mother worked as a secretary at the university.

Veronica (153 cm) was ridiculed at school and given terms like “fat” and “small” due to her tiny stature.

When she was younger, the girl decided to concentrate on her appearance. She drastically reduced her weight, competed in a beauty competition, and began acting in school plays and concerts. Veronica received opportunities to go on television as a presenter and then as an actor after winning the “Face of the Year” competition in 1970. She also began performing in the theater, and as time went on, she prioritized popularity and getting out of debt.

Veronica Castro currently runs her own cosmetics line, «Veronica Castro», in addition to a chain of cosmetics and fragrance stores.

The actress looks great and maintains her beauty with both her lifestyle and plastic surgery. She plays tennis and exercises. continues to sing and work in TV. And, probably, the actress will still get requests to work on projects.

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