A seven-year-old child with a wonderful heart who adopted 1,300 stray animals was named “Kid of the Year.”

A little child who began saving canines at the age of four went on to save 1,300 animals by the time they were seven. He received a check for $20,000 from the renowned program, allowing him to carry on with his admirable work. Ronnie continues, “I feel it is necessary.” To give dogs the best chance at finding the appropriate home, he adds, “I feel it is vital.”

Many more young people, in my opinion, should follow in my footsteps. The young man started Project Freedom Ride to remove stray dogs from Texas shelters.

When Ronnie was four years old, he requested that instead of birthday presents, his family donate money to a shelter for abandoned dogs.

Ronnie’s mother supports her son. The relocation of 30 dogs was saved from shelters. Since then, the child and his mother have helped hundreds more critters find a second chance. However, saving stray pets is expensive.

Food, temporary housing, veterinary care, and transportation all require money. Ronnie, whose positivity motivates him to work hard toward his objective. While also being a typical seven-year-old boy.

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