A charming senior chihuahua who is 11 years old meets a woman who is approaching 100 in a “Perfect match.”

Because she now lives with a new puppy, Johana’s life is complete once more. Johana had the misfortune of having a dog while she was a child in Germany. As a result, the centenarian made sure to spend her final years surrounded by a large canine community.

The woman once shared eight dogs with her late spouse. As a result of losing her previous dog, Rocky, and finding herself alone in her house, she was a little concerned. She inquired about the shelter’s rules regarding second dog adoption by people her age.

A neighbor who works for a rescue group decided that her rescue would be useful and gave it. She was deemed by the shelter to be the ideal companion for one of their more senior dogs. She ultimately decided to adopt Ginger.

Ginger was saved from a residence where the owner kept 22 animals. Ginger was overjoyed to be the only lucky dog in his house. They have promised to see to it that Ginger is looked after and that his needs are met.

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