In the winter, a compassionate dentist gives up his leisure time to take care of dogs and stray animals.

Mehmet, a kind dentist, was observed rescuing stray animals on the streets of Istanbul, Turkey. After viewing an emotional social media video, he was drawn to this. The man is reportedly traveling between nearby areas to warm pups and kittens, according to Daily Mail.

He also gave away blankets to adjacent businesses and animal lovers to broaden his base of supporters. “I saw stray dogs in my area. ” Mehmet remarked. I used wool blankets from my house to cover the dozing city animals in front of the building. He spoke with his pals about this issue.

The inhabitants of Istanbul have been given the dentist and his friends’ contact information. This is so they can return the blankets if they are unable to wash them and keep the city clean, we said at the outset. People’s perspectives on life would shift as a result of this activity.

Street animals will exhibit these traits of amity, delight, and sincerity toward people. Mehmet saved stray animals in front of residences and establishments all summer long. The campaign called Acts of Kindness is open to everyone. Is it not lovely?

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