After being rescued from the streets, Pitbull takes a nap beside her brand-new guinea pig siblings.

A dog by the name of Mibu was found in the street. Mibu became a stray dog as a result of his inability to care for a pet. However, the dog’s luck continued when Kristen, 44, discovered her in the municipal shelter. There she had been placed after being found.

Paco and Loki are played with by Kristen. Initially smelled, the guinea pigs were later held on the dog’s lap as she came to know them better. The owner would place the guinea pigs on the couch for a few months so Mibu could brush their plush fur.

The woman allowed them to sit on the ground after she realized everything was well. She discovered Paco and Loki nodding out in Mibu’s arms thirty minutes later.

Since then, the rescued dog and the two new friends have remained close.

Kristen told the personnel at the shelter that she had guinea pigs at home, They started telling her not to adopt the dog. What a charming story that will certainly make you smile.

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