Boy who was heartbroken when his cat disappeared can’t contain his happiness after finding his beloved pet.

Over time, Andrew and the cat have developed a close friendship and like to spend lots of time together. The cat loves to give Andrew hugs. Nina, Andrew’s mother, searched through numerous Facebook groups, visited shelters, and wrote reviews to find the cat.

Sadly, nothing worked out until a Facebook post stating that the cat had been found, five weeks after Finnie vanished. I contacted him after seeing numerous images of him on Facebook and learned that he was just behind us, in his own words.

He was on the street to the right. Nina was overjoyed to read that he had been located, unharmed; all they needed to do now was plan their meeting place. It appears that he was cared for and kept safe at a neighbor’s house until his family could pick him up.

Nina planned the entire procedure to get Finnie back to offer Andrew a nice surprise. Andrew was astonished to see Finnie in his neighbor’s arms when they both went to the neighbor’s house to wait for the “present.” Andrew found out they had found his best friend. He was overcome with emotion.

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