Triplets rarely gave birth to triplets in this situation. They appear as they do!

Triplets are exceedingly uncommon to be born. It also almost seems incredible that one of the triplets gave birth to triplets. A 32-year-old Norwegian woman named Judith Minda is the mother of three children, two boys, and a girl.

She faces difficulties, just like any other mother of three, and wishes she had two more sets of arms. Judith had “hands” in the form of her sisters, who were also born on the same day, in contrast to most triplet mothers.

Judith Minda and Glenn Undheim, who were engaged at the time, were overjoyed to learn they were expecting triplets. The expecting mother was happy with the situation on the one hand. But she was also aware that certain medical issues can go along with many pregnancies.

She took comfort in the knowledge that her mother had endured similar difficulties when giving birth to triplets. The sisters enjoyed a happy and loving upbringing.

Mom feels that each child is unique and should only be addressed by name, even though they all have the same birthdate.

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